“Going With the Flow”

Photo by Mabel Amber on Pexels.com

Hard not to when the road is flooded with cars. At least with the new vehicles and autopilot… (Yikes) I can drink my coffee while sitting in rush hour traffic or paint my nails with pink sparkle nail polish. Who wants to be in control all of the time?

Umm… I do.

All of this technology scares the hell out of me, but I may just be getting old. I drive a 2002 Jeep Wrangler five speed and it affords me a lot of hands on interaction. The stereo sucks, but I listen to the local 80’s radio station to fill in the void. Thanks for the memories.

Speaking of memories. “Mystic River” is one of my all time favorite movies and it was filmed in Boston, just over the road a ways. Boston driving makes me feel like I’m in a fishbowl. Everything is circular and one way. So going with the flow there can be infuriating when you miss your street or exit.

Round and round she goes…. where will she get off? Nobody knows.

The title of the movie made me remember Van Morrison’s song “Into the Mystic” (Linked below) It reminds me of the eternal flow of life and the trip to the ocean we all face when we walk the paths of our existence. Easy paths, rough paths, blocked paths, or paved paths. If we just followed the river, perhaps we wouldn’t get lost? Or… perhaps getting lost is all part of the adventure. The “Blair Witch Project” wouldn’t have been so engaging if the people were not so lost, and loud, and skittish, and crazy….

Right, enough round robin from me. This write did have direction when I started.

“All roads point to nowhere”… or so the song says, but the roads of our past have led us here. Sunday blogging with Marvin and our memories.

It feels almost like a full circle doesn’t it. Most of us met on a public platform, wrote together on a public platform, formed friendships and lasting relationships on a public platform, and learned our craft while playing with others on a public platform. That is what I call an epic adventure. Hard to believe it was twenty years ago when most of us met.

In that time, much of the world has changed. When we started, the internet was still a new toy that expanded our possibilities. Now it is a vital part of societal existence. I miss the simpler days and I cannot help it. Though everyone continues to say that world access and internet expansion is the wave of the future, I and some others feel more and more isolated.

Thanks to Marvin and this platform, perhaps that can change. Blessings everyone and thank you for reading ©RRG

16 thoughts on ““Going With the Flow””

  1. Ah, don’t get me started on those one-way streets…. You should have seen me in New York City trying to navigate my spaceship in that mess!!

    I love how you bring everything full circle, starting on Myspace, through Facebook and now here we are on WordPress after 14 years. Thank you and KUDOS, Earthling!

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  2. I’m right there with you. A lot of the new tech makes me think, “I’ve seen that movie, and it ended badly”. I sometimes feel like we are in a prequel movie – like when they have those dystopian trilogies then the do the prequel to show fans HOW it all came about. That’s where I often feel like we’re at. I also miss the days when the internet was more for fun and possibilities instead of something that rules our lives.

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    1. A tool instead of a requirement. It is hard to admit that things are unavailable to those of us who limit our internet interaction. But I can’t bring myself to be all in. I never asked for, nor wanted the JETSON”S life lol. Yep… I’m too old for this stuff lol. Thanks for visiting. It is great to see and read you again.


    1. Interesting question, but I don’t think of relationships as roads or paths, but partnerships. Two or more people wishing to walk the same path together. If it goes nowhere than at least the company was good for a time. Right? Thank you for stopping by and sharing with me.


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