Harvest Moon ~ Blogophilia 16.14

She Dances

She dances on forest fire
The ground deep with autumn leaves
Her arms raise high in gratitude
For all that she has felt and has seen

Golden moonlight shimmers silent
Through skeletal limbs of time and testament
Her cluttered mind, releases a pent-up breath
Clearing thick cobwebs of insignificance

An inhale of freedom relaxes her lips
As her lashes slip with unspoken pains
Her chest pounds and hurts, alive again
After years of screaming at the demons within

She knows herself inside and out
Mysterious moments slip past her unremarked
Cynicism and sadness have cloaked her in gloom
Will she ever feel the warmth of a crowded room

Then like a shooting meteor of flame
A cacophony arrives to break her ruminations,
“Fly Me to The Moon; Let me gaze among the stars…”
A frenzied wind makes the fire lift and flutter

Golden light shatters the smothering darkness
Illuminating a harvest of treats and delights
Her fingers flow on keyboard tempest
As her muse interprets rainbows caught in moonlight

So now, she dances amidst forest fire
The ground empty of autumn leaves
Her arms raise high in gratitude
As she shares all she has felt and seen

©Rebecca R. Grusendorf

Dedicated to Marvin the Martian and his gang for inspiring me to write again… Thank you!!!

It was hard for me to pick a song since I love so much music, but thanks to the prompts, this song popped up and I knew what I wanted to say. I’m adding a second song because it always makes me smile. I hope it does the same for you… The joy in the performance is contagious 🙂

Please check out the weekly Blogophilia if you are looking for encouragement or inspiration.


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