Paranormal Occurrence

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Use the word Tear twice. Once as a noun and again as a verb. Mention a zodiac sign.

Might want to play as you read… just for the experience of it 🙂


                He never turns the light on.

                Sam watches from her kitchen window. “What is he doing over there in the dark?”

                “Why are you being so nosey?” Mark asks from where he sits at the dining room table smoking his after-supper cigarette.

                “I’m not nosey,” Sam pouts. “How can I not see. The window is right here.” She waves a soapy hand at the short window over her kitchen  sink where dinner dishes soak in hot water. “Maybe he’s a killer and he has some poor girl locked up in his basement.”

                Mark snorts. “Like that would ever happen in our cozy little town.”

                “It happens more than you know,” she retorts smartly.

                Mark snubs out his cigarette and saunters over to stand behind Sam. Hugging her from behind, he rests his chin on her shoulder and mutters softly. “You just have a thing for the guy. Admit it.”

                Sam chuckles. “Jealous, sweetness?”

                “I’m thinking of dessert. Watching you play in bubbles always gets my imagination going.” He nuzzles her neck.

                “Look,” Sam says loudly, “there he goes again.”

                Mark sighs and steps back.  “He’s just some guy. Probably talking on his phone with an earplug.”

                “Maybe he’s naked…” Sam’s eyes grow wide and she turns to grin at Mark.

                “YOU have a filthy mind.” He chuckles and slaps her backside.

                Sam’s face glows with pleasure. Sinking her hands into the sink, she continues her task. Music comes to her from the other room. She begins to hum.

                “This will get your romance flowing.” Mark dances into the kitchen and again wraps his arms around Sam’s waist.

                “I’m in the mood for love. Simply because you’re near me…” Sam sings softly. Her head falls back to rest on his shoulder.

                Mark reaches down into the soapy water and entwines his fingers with hers. They sway in front of the sink. Their neighbor a fading memory.


                “The damn light is flickering.” Kent is talking to his mother on his cell, pacing in his living room in front of the large picture window. “That house has been empty for years ma. There shouldn’t be any electricity over there.”

                Jennifer kneels on the sofa and gazes at the old ranch style house next door. “It’s spooky as hell.” She whispers, gnawing on her finger as she looks over her shoulder at Kent.

                “Naw. It only happens once a while. Not like this though. Wait…” he walks over and leans towards the window. “Music? I’ve never heard that before.”

                “Kent?” Jennifer says, falling back onto the arm of the sofa. “I’m scared.”

                “I can’t just tear the door down.” Kent shouts into his phone. “Yeah ma. I think we will. You sure you don’t mind?” He holds a hand up to keep Jennifer from talking. “We’ll be there soon.”

                Jennifer gets up from the sofa and backs further into the living area. A tear falls down her cheek. “Kent, what is going on?”

                Kent stares out the window to the old house next door. The house that is empty. Vines hang down the dirty shingles. Windows are broken. Shingles hang from long rusted screws. Lights flicker in the awning emptiness and music tinkles out into the night.

“I don’t know baby, but we’re leaving.” Kent heads for the bedroom. He grabs a backpack and stuffs it with clothing.

                Fifteen minutes later, Jennifer and Kent hop into their Ford Scorpio. “I’m in the Mood for Love” rings out into the night. Kent backs out of the driveway too fast, squealing his tires as he takes off.


                Mark swings Sam into his arms. She is beautiful. His soapy hands rest on her back. She hums into his neck and smiles. The neighbor in the dark room forgotten.

©Rebecca R. Grusendorf

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