Storm of the Century

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Sylvia Plath "Ennui"

Storm of the Century

A storm with another name. 
A name, now infamous with devastation.

We, need to see, the reckoning of our travesty.
We, who have built a planet that destroys us.

Ancient lessons go long unheeded, 
And calculations point towards our destruction.

We, homo sapiens are to blame. 
We, who are miniscule and powerless.

Can we tame the tiger that has circled since creation?
Regulate the weather by rescuing the planet,

We, are going to save the future?
We, who are codependent on the earth.

How self-righteous we believe we are.
Pious to the point of blasphemy.

We, who cannot refrain from greed.
We, who murder and lie through painted lips.

Control evolutions turning, control natures change?
“Insouciant angels” who “play God’s trump”

Yet, Pompeii burned, Tohoku drowned,
The Mayans starved, and Haiti crumbled.

The cycle will “thwart those who court catastrophe,
Designing futures where nothing will occur.”

We, who claim to be all powerful.
We, who refuse to see the signs of time.

Nothing will occur, but more of the same.
A storm of the century, with another name.

©Rebecca R. Grusendorf

Dear Readers,

This write is not intended to dismiss the tragedy or those who have been affected by Ian’s destruction. My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering at this time. 

This is in protest of how any situation today is turned into a political crisis. It is gut wrenching to see people’s suffering used in this manner. Discussing climate change and housing codes for the wealthy does not change the fact that people’s lives have been destroyed. Compassion seems to be taking a back seat to manipulation for political gains and it is deplorable. 

Sylvia Plath’s poem Ennui has always been my favorite. Her expression in this poem calls out to my own feelings of helplessness. There are just some things we cannot do, and currently it feels as if reason has left the planet for delusions of Godhood. Like Sylvia Plath, I’m bored with those who keep telling us what to do. Whether you believe in God or evolution or science, there are some things we cannot control. Natural disasters being one of them. The cycle will continue, and we are powerless to stop it. 

Thank you for reading. 
God bless, Rebecca

3 thoughts on “Storm of the Century”

  1. Indeed!! Some things are out of any being’s control, whether human or alien. We Martians cannot control dust storms up here on Mars any more than the Venusians can control their solar fires.

    Very eloquently penned! KUDOS, dear Earthling!

    Liked by 1 person

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