Blogophilia 22.14 – Bewildered

Prompts –

Use lyrics from a Panic at The Disco song – “Sarah Smiles”

Use the term ad-hoc

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Patricia charges out of the elevator holding her Gucci bag against her chest. Her heels make little to no sound on the carpeted office floor. Cubicles stretch on for what seem like miles as she traverses the dense arena of corporate corrals. Phones ring, voices chitter, and she advances mercilessly.

Finding her desk, she drops her purse and looks around over the walls of division.

“Sarah,” Patricia stutters. “Sarah, you there?”

From behind a wall, a head pops up. “You’re late.”

Patricia scurries to the cubicle where Sarah is and leans her hips on the desk.

“What is wrong with you?” Sarah asks, her curious green eyes traversing Patricia from foot to head.

“I heard,” Patricia sputters. She presses a hand against her chest and blinks rapidly. “I heard, the most incredible thing on the radio.”

“Oh really?” Sarah stands up, her phone headpiece hanging from her ear with the mic touching the corner of her upturned lips. “Something juicy?”

Patricia shakes her head, her hand imitating the movement. She scrunches up her face. “It is unbelievable.”

“Well tell me,” Sarah encourages.

“The sky…” Patricia breathes in awe, “is blue.”

Sarah is wide eyed, bewildered. She looks around. “What?”

“It’s blue,” Patricia smiles and reaches for Sarah’s hands. “Can you believe it?”

Sarah begins to smile, “You’re messing with me aren’t you; some ad-hoc scheme to play a joke or something?”

Patricia shakes her head, “No I’m dead serious.”

Sarah steps back, removing her hands from Patricia’s excited grip. “That is ridiculous. Everyone knows the sky is green.”

“I know,” Patricia giggles, “But it is blue.”

“I wouldn’t go about telling lies like that Patricia. Some people might say you are crazy.” Sarah shrugs and wipes her hands down the front of her skirt.

“I’m not though,” Patricia says.

Sarah waves a hand at her companion, “Stop this now.”

“But Sarah,” Patricia frowns, “please believe me. It is blue for you too.”

Sarah visibly shakes herself and sits down at her desk. “You’re late, so you’re making up silly stories.” Sarah smiles like Sarah doesn’t care, ignoring Patricia, then goes back to work.

Patricia moves out into the pathway between cubicles, she leans over a dividing wall. “Hey Phil, what color is the sky?”

Phil looks up at her from where he sits at his desk and smiles. “Is this a trick question?”

“Just tell me,” Patricia encourages.

“It is green” he mutters and shrugs.

Turning, Patricia looks out at the city scape of her world and sees blue sky reflecting sunlight. “But it is blue,” she says softly.

©Rebecca R Grusendorf 11.28.22


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