A Little Bit of Poetry

Blogophilia 27.14 Keeping up with Time

Hello everyone. I’m sharing a poem I wrote a few years back. Some of you may remember it. I shared it on Facebook so this is the first time I’m sharing it here. God Bless.

Photo by Viridiana O Rivera on Pexels.com

To Be Perfect

I want to unzip my skin

Peel away the layers

Become unfamiliar to myself

Or perhaps,

Find the core of who I used to be

I see you with your painted smile

A shaggy rag of cocky hangs in your eyes

But you never really looked at me

Not really

A pebble on your road to greatness

I want to become something new

Naked and unafraid

Strip away the bruising wounds

But forgotten

The wounds fester and decay

I see you sterilized

Untainted, untouched, unafraid

Blind to the blood still seeping

And shallow

A hollow shadow of the girl you used to be

I want to shatter this reflection

Unhinge your perfect world

Stand naked, bleeding, weeping

Yet never

Because I am too afraid

I see you shake your head

Condescension, dismissal,

Rolling eyes, a sigh of irritation

An embarrassment

Must we really go through this again

I want to unzip my skin

Perhaps, maybe, but then again

This old suit fits and wears me perfect

For survival, for protection

I keep your painted smile in place

Rebecca R Grusendorf © 8.26.19


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