Just my imagination…

Blogophilia 28.14 Hell Hath No Fury

Prompts, Use a Clive Cussler book title and something you might see under a microscope (Sacred Stone, tiny animal)

Hello Marvin and everyone. Ironically I wrote this before the Sunday Blog posted, but it seems to fit the theme so I’m sharing it. This is loosely based on a dream I had this past week. It isn’t exact, but it sure had my muse running rampant. 🙂 It is short. Enjoy and God Bless.

Close Encounter

                She presses her back against the damp stone, holding her breath. Across the chasm, illuminated by water crystals in the cave she sees the monster hunting her. It is green with large black slanted eyes. It can see in the dark, but there is just enough light to help her disappear. The creature crawls along the opposite ledge on all fours before stopping to tilt its head to listen. She leans into the wall, hoping to become the stone behind her.

                Something rattles in the entrance to her left. The creature snaps his gaze in that direction. She turns to see the other monster lurking, sniffing the air. This creature is red with no eyes. Large olfactory slits flutter above a mouth full of teeth. It throws out seed bullets that penetrate and bore into the skin. She has seen this horrible thing happen. Upon inspection of one of these seeds, she discovered that they are tiny animals that feed on their prey. She feels trapped.

                The red monster slinks into the chamber and sniffs frantically. The air is filled with moisture from the roaring waterfall on the opposite wall. She now becomes the spectator in the hunt, the hunt for her.

                The two creatures move around each other, each unaware of the other. The green one cannot see while the red one cannot smell. Clutching the wall with her fingers, she slowly slides along the surface of the sacred stone towards the empty entrance. Her heart thunders in her chest, rhythmically roaring, like the water.

                Both monsters are reptilian like. They look sleek and slippery. She stops. The two are standing still and turning toward her direction. She hears the telltale buzz of an insect and falls sideways, landing on her hip just as a large whip like tongue snakes out to snare the bug from the wall above her. She covers her mouth as the green creature licks its face with the large tongue, the bug eaten.

                She begins to claw her way along the stone floor. A growl ricochets off the walls as the two creatures become aware of each other. An angry roar rips through the chamber. She scrambles, terror flooding her veins. Sounds she cannot describe fill the air above her. At any moment they will pounce and devour her. She finds gravel and scrambles to her feet. She can see the forest canopy of the opening to the cave up ahead. Without thought, she looks back.

The two monsters stand opposite each other. They are hissing and slashing at each other. The red one throws out a seed.  The green creature howls. It swings one arm, knocking the red monster back into the wall. Without warning, the large tongue whips out of the green monsters’ face and wraps around the red creature, sucking it into a large gaping mouth. She shudders violently. The green monster turns, silhouetted by the waterfall. A red hand sticks out of its mouth, the fingers twitching. Dark liquid seeps from the monsters’ chest. She can just see the seed begin to corkscrew into the creatures’ body as the tiny animal begins to feed.

                Nausea overwhelms her. She swallows tightly. Willing her feet to run, she dashes out of the cave into the forest above.

Rebecca R. Grusendorf©1.8.23


2 thoughts on “Just my imagination…”

    1. Hi Marvin :).
      No I’m no longer on FB except for family, but since you post here I thought I could still participate. Sorry for the mix up. I’ll post a regular link like I used to next time. No worries.
      Yeah, this dream was a bit freaky lol.


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