Tuesdays Thought

Can words inspire?

Since I consider myself a writer, and words are my passion, I hope the answer to that question is yes. Words are how we communicate, express ideas, show enthusiasm, and learn. Sometimes I’ll be intrigued by a word I’ve never heard and go on a wonderful word search to find the meaning.

As an example, let us look at the word Valiant.

We know this word, right? It is usually associated with Knights and Templars, King Arthur and mythology, and heroic deeds of sacrifice and selflessness. So, I looked this word up on Google, probably my first mistake, and found the following definition…

Valiant – Possessing or showing courage or determination (Oxford language)

Wow, short, sweet, and absolutely uninspiring.

So where does the inspiration come from? Is it the word or is it the meaning or the feeling behind the word?  Is it possible that the sum of the words creates the inspiration, thus causing the emotion?

“Sara valiantly raises her chin in defiance as the crowd calls her a witch and ties her to the burning pole.”

“Jim grits his teeth, valiantly keeping his anger in check as the prisoner is handcuffed and taken into custody.”

“The priest tells the truth, valiantly showing compassion to the grieving parents.”

I love words. They provide connection in this human condition. They are how we relate to the villain, victim, martyr, or knight in our stories. Words can be food for the soul and when wielded properly, a valiant writer can do anything.

My personal definition of Valiant… a trait to describe one who is honest, who is dedicated to a set of chivalrous ideals that promote and protect the greater good… Next time we can look up the word Chivalrous 🙂

Over the top? Lol, maybe, but that is what words can do. Inspire the imagination to soar.

Just a few thoughts this early Tuesday morning. I shared a video that I listened to while writing this. Apropos since this blogs topic was inspired from reading about Robert the Bruce. I hope you enjoy.

Have a wonderful day, thank you for reading, and God bless.

Rebecca R. Grusendorf ©1.10.23


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