Saturday Flashback

A Little Bit of Poetry….

Originally written back in 2016 and shared with the community on Facebook and CosmoFunnel, (a site where artists of any caliber can share their work.)

This write can be triggering, but it is a subject we need to be concerned about. Stay safe, hold those you love close, and God Bless ❤



Someone watches as the paint starts to peel

Peeking inside to a wall made of steel

Peppered with dimples from battering shots

It defines a hidden barricade of brutality

Coated in pink, the room looks so sweet

Dandy candy daddy could stop with a treat

But the pretty rose carpet is lined with barbs

That will snag and stab at the curious

Someone keeps looking, slow steps, they beseech

Curiosity can kill, but they don’t seem to blink

Above the ceiling fan whirs in defense

As the paint now peels faster in stark defiance

Demonic voice hisses “Don’t take one more step”

A bouncing puppet clown seems to glare its eyes red

“No don’t” says the voice, “Or I’ll cut her up dead”

The steel wall rattles and shakes with a bang

Someone keeps coming, their eyes ever watchful

Paint almost gone from the battered steel wall

“NO DON’T… CAN’T YOU HEAR” hisses out clear

Pungent with menace and heavy despair            

Dimples become whips that lash with tongue

Blood starts to drip as the watcher still comes

Barbs push to snag and stab someone through

As the hissing now screams “STOP I TELL YOU…”

Someone reaches out and touches the steel

It melts into water, so fluid and clear

A hole appears in the battered remains

The hissing dies slow as the wall evaporates

“Don’t” shakes the voice and a whimper ensues

Someone kneels in silence and quietly views

A little girl curls herself in a ball

Keeping her head buried, she looks so small

Someone then whispers, in compassionate plea

“It’s okay beautiful, you’re safe here with me”

Blue eyes twinkling with unsung tears

Peer up at someone… someone so near

“No one has gotten to see me before.”

Someone gently smiles and leans close once more

“I am not just anyone, I’m someone special

I still carry my own walled up sanctum.”

Little lips shiver as hurt starts to spill

Someone touches hair un-kept from abuse

“It needs a good brushing,” someone muses and smirks

Small hand pushes away and pulls back with a jerk

“I keep it this way, so no one will see.”

“I know,” someone says, with a light in their eye

“But sweetie you can’t keep the brightness inside.

It shines out to others, far and wide.”

“But others hurt me” the little voice says with despair

“My light must be ugly from the scars that I bear.”

Someone touches a tear as it curls down her cheek

“Not true little dove, scars make you unique.”

Little girl sniffs and looks up at the sky

“I’m not really this small” she whispers, “Only on the inside”

Someone smiles conspiratorially and winks,

“I know… as am I.”

Rebecca R Grusendorf © 2016

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