Monday Muse

Blogophilia 29.14 Clouds in My Coffee

Thank you Marvin for the inspiration this week. I loved this challenge. Though I did not find a Moby song to include, I did post a carbohydrate found in italics. πŸ™‚ God Bless and have a great week.

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A dream within a dream
Is all as it seems?
Puffy, cotton candy clouds
Drift on an aromatic breeze.
Coffee bean-colored mountains
Rise majestic from the sea.
Green lollipop trees
Dance under the fiery sun.
Asymmetrical rainbow
Promises freedom, but to some.

Yet within the mouth of allegories cave
Raving lunatics and shamans dance and crave.
Communication stutters in grunts and growls
As watering fountain of gold, promise fruitfulness.

A dream within a dream
Do the wicked come to free?
Or is there something sinister,
Hidden in the wonders of paradise?
Chocolate colored bubbles swirl
In gemelli like inducing coma,
Confusing, bemusing, and confounding
Those who are meant to be pragmatists.
Stir the cup, swirl the confusion,
Distrust, disguise your wisdom in truth.

When cloudbursts loud in summer,
Paradise will be naught, but the illusion we created.
Our regrets will water the tide
As the future takes hold and all free dreams die.

Rebecca R. Grusendorf Β©1.16.23


8 thoughts on “Monday Muse”

  1. Allegory, indeed. Sweet, yet potent! Like the bag of Christmas crack I’m digging into. Gotta get my fix! (graham crackers, raw (or roasted) pecans drizzled with a melted sugar/honey mix) Quite addicting!

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