Mondays Muse

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Blogophilia 30.14 Hope Springs Eternal

Prompts – Quote Walt Whitman, and include an Aqueduct

Feel late posting this week. Monday is nearly gone, but I want to keep with my posting schedule. Anytime I read Walt Whitman, my muse goes a little crazy with inspiration. The man was a word genius. I’m always in awe of his use of language. After spending the day reflecting, I finally got inspired to write. Hope you enjoy. Hope you are safe wherever you may be. God bless.


“I too am not a bit tamed,
I too am not translatable,
I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.”
Walt Whitman


Inspiration, invitation, and innocence

Trapped in the aqueduct by debris.

Continues to flood the countryside.

While the intended destination

Drowns in draught,

Doubting the dream of invention.


Communication clogs,

Crops die in the sun,

Fertility losses its conscience.

And truth, once sacred,

Cascades over the rim

To a fathomless chasm untitled.


What is unintended,

Freshens the unaware,

Delivering hope that flourishes.

Masses swarm in growth

With intent to intercede,

Absorbing all life cascaded.

Rebecca R. Grusendorf ©1.23.23

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