Be Mine…

Blogophilia 33.14 Don’t Bring Me Flowers

Thank you Marvin for putting that song (I Never Promised You A Rose Garden) in my head for the past three days lol. I can’t seem to stop hearing it, humming it, and singing it now. I think I can even smell roses though there are none about.

Challenges this week… Use lyrics from a Heart song (Magic Man) and incorporate phrases found on Candy Hearts… ahem… the TITLE. Okay here is my little write for the week.

Be Mine

February moon hangs low and pure,

A magic man with magic hands

Whispers sin in voice so cool.

She is tempted beyond belief,

With delights of pleasure sweet

On a bed of cold leather in the backseat.

Candy sugar melts her defenses,

Delights unbeknownst,

Now tickle across her skin.

She shivers in surrender,

And moonlight bathes

Innocent alabaster skin.

Invoked or not,

She sighs in pleasure,

Magical fingers do not relent.

He encourages submission,

Not asking permission

Raining whispers down her neck.

Confused and dazed,

Hazed with new sensations,

She cries out in supplication.

Giving into the temptation

Of magic man’s persuasion

Exploring her bodies delight.

He truly was a magic man,

Doing magic with his hands

Mesmerizing with awe and wonder

Vanishing from her life there after

She never saw his like again,

The one who woke her to eroticism.

Rebecca R. Grusendorf ©2.14.23


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