Winds of Change

Blogophilia 35.14

Prompts ~ include lyrics from a song by New Order and mention a gymnastic catagory

Hello Marvin. This topic took me on an interesting journey. Never heard of the band, so their lyrics played a big role in this write. My muse went where it willed. God bless.

The Trauma of Re-invention

Shedding skin again

Away with the old, in with the new

Whispered desires,

Cannot constrain the turbulent tides of time.

Change is coming.

Tumbling about like mixed emotion.

Raw, visceral, and hammering

I am not ready for it.

Even though I’ve seen half a life,

“It’s driving me wild,

It makes me feel like a child.”

I kick against reformation.

In a tantrum state of rejection

Not a portrayal of who I truly am.

Invention or reflection?

Does violence and trauma define me.

Or am I a product of stuck in the mud mentality?

Perhaps my world changed already,

But no one took note of it.

So, I rebel against re-invention to the extreme.

Defiant, rebellious, and steadfast.

“The picture you see is no portrait of me.

It’s too real to be shown to someone I don’t know.”

Change can be violent and turbulent.

It can be subtle, or it can be swift,

It can swaddle or it can rape…

And it makes no apologies,

For trauma sustained in the aftermath.

Rebecca R. Grusendorf © 3.3.23

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