Creepy Good

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Blogophilia 36.14 Live Long and Prosper

Prompts – Incorporate a line or lyric from West Side Story + Use the phrase “The song is over.”

Short and sweet this week Marvin, and though you provided enough imaginative juice to get the writing started, I couldn’t get this video out of my head so I had to share it. Hope my offering fits the bill.

Is there a place for us? Somewhere. Right now, something is lacking, but it’s coming. It may come cannonballing out of the sky, like a starship on fire in freefall.  

One song may be over, but another is on the way. I just wonder who will be singing it. Hopefully someone with real talent. Listen to this and tell me you cannot relate in some way. Some of you know the original song.  Radiohead “Creep”

The song is over… Are you a Creep? Or are you running? I’ve played both. Perhaps it is time for us to stop playing and face the music of who we truly are… Human.

Sorry to be so heavy, but hey… the prompts and the music led me here. 😊 Enjoy the song. He has an amazing voice.

God Bless. Rebecca


7 thoughts on “Creepy Good”

    1. When I first heard this I was like Heidi lol. For months I’ve been listening to people talk about auto tune and the death of music as we used to know it. Everything about Tom Ball is natural and one can feel it when he sings. Very reminiscent of the Indi period of the nineties where music was taking risks and artists like Thom Yorke were pushing the boundaries of sound with their songs. When ya got it, ya can’t fake it, ya know what I mean lol? Anyway thanks for letting me fangirl for a moment. 🙂 Glad you liked my little share.


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