Food for thought

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Irony? Or is it something else?

What do you think of these words? Do they translate differently in your world? I’m curious because I want to understand.

Transparency – me giving you all my information, so you can then use it to ruin my reputation.

Banking – Putting all my money in the bank to safeguard my future, then the bank goes belly up and loses all my money.

Aid – Giving guns to a struggling country, then having those guns kill a woman, child, or man in a United States city.

Sex Education – Exposing children to sex in media, games, and entertainment from the age of five, then being surprised by the rise of teenage pregnancies and sex crimes.

Tik Tok or Twitter – Supporting and using social media to advance our careers and grow our networks, then watching people threaten, throw fits, and bully others without consequence.

Climate Change – Cut down trees and clear vast amounts of land for solar power, then wonder why there is a shift in wind patterns, temperature, and weather.

Religion – Worship anyone or anything but God, and then wonder why hatred is so rampant.

News – Report how wrong everything is from one side or the other, and yet division is the reason nothing gets done or changes.

When I registered to vote thirty years ago, I registered Republican. I’m now considered a destroyer of America and Freedom when half the time I’ve voted Democrat.

If there is something here that I misinterpreted, please share. These are just a few of the thoughts I and many others have. We do not have to agree on a lot of issues, but it is helpful to see things from another perspective. Thank you for reading and sharing this time.

To lighten up the mood a bit I’ve included the song that inspired this writing below. God bless and stay safe wherever you may be. ❤

Rebecca R. Grusendorf © 4.28.23


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