A Witness

Photo by Monica Turlui on Pexels.com

Fandango’s One Word Challenge – Moderate (in Italics)

A Witness

Still, in the aftermath of societies mayhem

Alone, in the silence of apathetic replies

A child smiles at the gift of bubble gum

A woman cries for the ones who died

Afraid of facing facts from the fiction

Too shy to accept the truth from the reviews

Acceptance, acknowledgement, recognition

Self-aggrandizing, is a clue

Though it is hidden by hate and ridicule

Still, in from the mouth of muted screams

Alone, in the dark of cancel speech

A moderator tries to find resolution

A priest prays for those who demoralize

Gratitude swells on the apex of growth

Grief tends to linger at the signal of loss

Acceptance, acknowledgement, accountability

Self-evaluation, is the cure

Though it is rife with community alienation

Still, hope lives in the reminder of yesterdays

Alone, in the face of technologies rapid acclaim

A writer still writes, a photographer still sees

A people still live, in the land of the free

I am but a witness of these times

A bystander trying to rhyme with her lines

She writes what she sees and lives

Creatively born through artistic expression

Though it is hidden from the willfully blind

Rebecca R. Grusendorf © 5.18.2023


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