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  • The Big O as an Ah-ha

    Hello. If that title didn’t get you then let me reiterate, there is adult content in this blog so if you are under age get lost 🙂 I love you but this is not for you. There are other things you can read. Hugs. Blogophilia 39.14 Where Have They All Gone Welcome. Marvin I didn’t…… Read more

  • LOL Seriously?

    Okay…. I just got eight likes on eight posts in less than a minute. My notification bell nearly had a seizure. Guess what it was… A Pharmaceutical Advert Company. (insert eye roll here) lol Peace peeps… Rebecca Read more

  • Happy Trails…

    Talking to Myself Hello You again? Still here, Still banging, Still waiting, It’s not here sweetheart. The sun is pretty. It is shining bright today. It is great being alone, All the time. While people say one thing, But do another, I get the message. It is time to change. And it is okay, Because…… Read more

  • Changing of the Season

    Blogophilia 38.14 Spring Fling Prompts – Use a quote or line from A. A. Milne & mention Apples and Oranges (In Italics) Hello Marvin and gang. Sorry I missed last weeks blog, but to make up for it I’ll share two poems this week in the hopes of gaining forgiveness. 🙂 All the music Marvin…… Read more

  • Monday Muse

    Starfield A short story… Stars, the sky is full of them. Paul blinks. He cannot sit up. His chest is heavy. He can see Orion’s Belt, the North Star, the Big Dipper, and Charlie? “Oh my God. Baby can you hear me?” Charlie pants. He tries to reach up and push her hair out of…… Read more

  • Creepy Good

    Blogophilia 36.14 Live Long and Prosper Prompts – Incorporate a line or lyric from West Side Story + Use the phrase “The song is over.” Short and sweet this week Marvin, and though you provided enough imaginative juice to get the writing started, I couldn’t get this video out of my head so I had…… Read more