The Big O as an Ah-ha

Hello. If that title didn't get you then let me reiterate, there is adult content in this blog so if you are under age get lost 🙂 I love you but this is not for you. There are other things you can read. Hugs. Blogophilia 39.14 Where Have They All Gone Welcome. Marvin I didn't… Continue reading The Big O as an Ah-ha

Changing of the Season

Photo by Takao Numata on Blogophilia 38.14 Spring Fling Prompts - Use a quote or line from A. A. Milne & mention Apples and Oranges (In Italics) Hello Marvin and gang. Sorry I missed last weeks blog, but to make up for it I'll share two poems this week in the hopes of gaining… Continue reading Changing of the Season

Monday Muse

Blogophilia 29.14 Clouds in My Coffee Thank you Marvin for the inspiration this week. I loved this challenge. Though I did not find a Moby song to include, I did post a carbohydrate found in italics. 🙂 God Bless and have a great week. Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Allegory A dream within a… Continue reading Monday Muse

Tuesdays Thought

Can words inspire? Since I consider myself a writer, and words are my passion, I hope the answer to that question is yes. Words are how we communicate, express ideas, show enthusiasm, and learn. Sometimes I’ll be intrigued by a word I’ve never heard and go on a wonderful word search to find the meaning.… Continue reading Tuesdays Thought

Blogophilia 23.14 It’s A Good Life

Prompts – Quote Thomas Jefferson & Use the word Liberty Photo by Elias Tigiser on For the first time in years, I feel in the Christmas mood. It is a conundrum of sorts since little has changed in my life, but for one significant thing, God saved me. When I was a little girl,… Continue reading Blogophilia 23.14 It’s A Good Life

Blogophilia 17.14

Blopophilia Retrospect The hallway is long, lined with doors. Each door leads to a memory. Red carpet is worn beneath her feet. The walls are dark and dirty. Lights highlight the long path into the past. She knows each door by heart. She has visited some rooms more than others. Some she has avoided all… Continue reading Blogophilia 17.14

Harvest Moon ~ Blogophilia 16.14

She Dances She dances on forest fire The ground deep with autumn leaves Her arms raise high in gratitude For all that she has felt and has seen Golden moonlight shimmers silent Through skeletal limbs of time and testament Her cluttered mind, releases a pent-up breath Clearing thick cobwebs of insignificance An inhale of freedom… Continue reading Harvest Moon ~ Blogophilia 16.14

“Going With the Flow”

Photo by Mabel Amber on Hard not to when the road is flooded with cars. At least with the new vehicles and autopilot... (Yikes) I can drink my coffee while sitting in rush hour traffic or paint my nails with pink sparkle nail polish. Who wants to be in control all of the time?… Continue reading “Going With the Flow”