Saturday Flashback

Photo by Henrik Pfitzenmaier on The falling of bright stars. So many people have died over the past few years. Grief is a part of living, and it is something we never become accustomed too. It is personal. It strikes each of us in different ways. It can inspire deep reflection on important questions.… Continue reading Saturday Flashback

A Little Bit of Poetry

Blogophilia 27.14 Keeping up with Time Hello everyone. I'm sharing a poem I wrote a few years back. Some of you may remember it. I shared it on Facebook so this is the first time I'm sharing it here. God Bless. Photo by Viridiana O Rivera on To Be Perfect I want to unzip… Continue reading A Little Bit of Poetry

How Much Will You Give?

Blogophilia 26.14 The Spirit of Christmas Prompts – Use lyrics from a favorite Christmas Carol                    Mention 3 shades of red Photo by monicore on How Much Will You Give? Today, is the in between. We are in between the old year and the new year. We are in between Christmas and New Years… Continue reading How Much Will You Give?

Blogophilia 17.14

Blopophilia Retrospect The hallway is long, lined with doors. Each door leads to a memory. Red carpet is worn beneath her feet. The walls are dark and dirty. Lights highlight the long path into the past. She knows each door by heart. She has visited some rooms more than others. Some she has avoided all… Continue reading Blogophilia 17.14