Changing of the Season

Photo by Takao Numata on Blogophilia 38.14 Spring Fling Prompts - Use a quote or line from A. A. Milne & mention Apples and Oranges (In Italics) Hello Marvin and gang. Sorry I missed last weeks blog, but to make up for it I'll share two poems this week in the hopes of gaining… Continue reading Changing of the Season

Winds of Change

Blogophilia 35.14 Prompts ~ include lyrics from a song by New Order and mention a gymnastic catagory Hello Marvin. This topic took me on an interesting journey. Never heard of the band, so their lyrics played a big role in this write. My muse went where it willed. God bless. The Trauma of Re-invention Shedding… Continue reading Winds of Change

Mondays Muse

Photo by Oliver Sju00f6stru00f6m on Blogophilia 30.14 Hope Springs Eternal Prompts - Quote Walt Whitman, and include an Aqueduct Feel late posting this week. Monday is nearly gone, but I want to keep with my posting schedule. Anytime I read Walt Whitman, my muse goes a little crazy with inspiration. The man was a… Continue reading Mondays Muse

Thursday Ink

Beautiful photomechanical prints of a Geisha by Rijksmuseum is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0 The Geisha Cherry colored dreams Drifting petals Painted smile Behind umbrella hides Beguiling eyes of innocence Smile sustained Tugs the heart String pricked to Tickle the memories Of romantic dreams Pink and cream Against sorbet sky Crickets sing into the night Ginger… Continue reading Thursday Ink

Mondays Muse

Photo by Elizaveta Dushechkina on The Thing Unsaid Her back is tightHer lips are sealedHe stares at her leavingBut neither will yieldShe sniffs and shuddersHe crosses arms over chestThe distance between themA chasm, bereftHe curls his hands into fistsRefusing her appealShe understands, silentSome wounds refuse to healHe keeps trying to hideWith his liquor and… Continue reading Mondays Muse

“Going With the Flow”

Photo by Mabel Amber on Hard not to when the road is flooded with cars. At least with the new vehicles and autopilot... (Yikes) I can drink my coffee while sitting in rush hour traffic or paint my nails with pink sparkle nail polish. Who wants to be in control all of the time?… Continue reading “Going With the Flow”