Wonder of the World

Photo by Oliver Sju00f6stru00f6m on Pexels.com Blogophilia 45.14 Staying Positive in a Negative World Prompts – Use Lyrics from a Green Day song, mention one of the seven wonders. Hey green man. I had two initial reactions to this blog on Sunday and I wrote two poems for each of them lol. Then I sat… Continue reading Wonder of the World

Be Still

Photo by Aditi Sharma on Pexels.com Be Still I hear the distant thunder, I feel the oppressive heat, Carnivals are silent, Birds don’t make a peep. Storm clouds boil in dark of night, Lightening splits the rendered sky, Crashing booms of clashing giants, Blind my bleeding eyes. Fire wind descends the mountain, A dragon looms,… Continue reading Be Still