Purple Heart

Blogophilia 24.14 Blogophilia prompts – Lyrics from Soundgarden “Black Hole Sun” “In our shoes”, “Walking sleep”, “Steal the warm wind-tired friend Times are gone for Honest men.” Something Money cannot buy – innocence Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com Purple Heart Play that song again Sam, The one that makes my pain rain. The words… Continue reading Purple Heart

Storm of the Century

Blogophilia 19.14 Hurricanes Hope Include a line from a Sylvia Plath Poem Mention your favorite animal Sylvia Plath "Ennui" Storm of the Century A storm with another name. A name, now infamous with devastation. We, need to see, the reckoning of our travesty. We, who have built a planet that destroys us. Ancient lessons go… Continue reading Storm of the Century

Harvest Moon ~ Blogophilia 16.14

She Dances She dances on forest fire The ground deep with autumn leaves Her arms raise high in gratitude For all that she has felt and has seen Golden moonlight shimmers silent Through skeletal limbs of time and testament Her cluttered mind, releases a pent-up breath Clearing thick cobwebs of insignificance An inhale of freedom… Continue reading Harvest Moon ~ Blogophilia 16.14

A Little Bit of Poetry…

Confinement My future looks at meWith pain and disappointmentI turn in shame, walk awayAfraid as the arrow pierces my heartI cannot do it, cannot turnAnd see the accusation within your eyesFor the future withers and I simply flyOn wings to burdened to carry youSoon I’ll be there, in your placeMy future, this day of abandonmentI’ll… Continue reading A Little Bit of Poetry…