Changing of the Season

Photo by Takao Numata on Blogophilia 38.14 Spring Fling Prompts - Use a quote or line from A. A. Milne & mention Apples and Oranges (In Italics) Hello Marvin and gang. Sorry I missed last weeks blog, but to make up for it I'll share two poems this week in the hopes of gaining… Continue reading Changing of the Season

Creepy Good

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Blogophilia 36.14 Live Long and Prosper Prompts – Incorporate a line or lyric from West Side Story + Use the phrase “The song is over.” Short and sweet this week Marvin, and though you provided enough imaginative juice to get the writing started, I couldn't get this video out… Continue reading Creepy Good

Be Mine…

Blogophilia 33.14 Don't Bring Me Flowers Thank you Marvin for putting that song (I Never Promised You A Rose Garden) in my head for the past three days lol. I can't seem to stop hearing it, humming it, and singing it now. I think I can even smell roses though there are none about. Challenges… Continue reading Be Mine…

Hunting the Dragon

Blogophilia 31.14 Dragon Hunting Use lyrics from a song by The Clash (London Calling) & Mention your favorite childhood toy. (Bed, a little wooden bed that my dad made for one of my dolls when I was about five. My mom crocheted the blankets.) Hunting the Dragon We sit across from each other, the expanse… Continue reading Hunting the Dragon

Mondays Muse

Photo by Oliver Sju00f6stru00f6m on Blogophilia 30.14 Hope Springs Eternal Prompts - Quote Walt Whitman, and include an Aqueduct Feel late posting this week. Monday is nearly gone, but I want to keep with my posting schedule. Anytime I read Walt Whitman, my muse goes a little crazy with inspiration. The man was a… Continue reading Mondays Muse

Monday Muse

Blogophilia 29.14 Clouds in My Coffee Thank you Marvin for the inspiration this week. I loved this challenge. Though I did not find a Moby song to include, I did post a carbohydrate found in italics. 🙂 God Bless and have a great week. Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Allegory A dream within a… Continue reading Monday Muse

Just my imagination…

Blogophilia 28.14 Hell Hath No Fury Prompts, Use a Clive Cussler book title and something you might see under a microscope (Sacred Stone, tiny animal) Hello Marvin and everyone. Ironically I wrote this before the Sunday Blog posted, but it seems to fit the theme so I'm sharing it. This is loosely based on a… Continue reading Just my imagination…

How Hot is Your Stove Pipe?

Blogophilia 25.14 Cherished Christmas Memories Photo by Vladislav Murashko on Prompts – Use a quote by Jack Kerouac Mention your favorite spice How Hot is Your Stove Pipe? So many memories come to mind when thinking about Christmas. I remember standing on a stool next to mom at the counter in the kitchen, cutting… Continue reading How Hot is Your Stove Pipe?

Purple Heart

Blogophilia 24.14 Blogophilia prompts – Lyrics from Soundgarden “Black Hole Sun” “In our shoes”, “Walking sleep”, “Steal the warm wind-tired friend Times are gone for Honest men.” Something Money cannot buy – innocence Photo by James Wheeler on Purple Heart Play that song again Sam, The one that makes my pain rain. The words… Continue reading Purple Heart

Blogophilia 23.14 It’s A Good Life

Prompts – Quote Thomas Jefferson & Use the word Liberty Photo by Elias Tigiser on For the first time in years, I feel in the Christmas mood. It is a conundrum of sorts since little has changed in my life, but for one significant thing, God saved me. When I was a little girl,… Continue reading Blogophilia 23.14 It’s A Good Life